About Us

R&M Designers is a full-service creative agency specialising in marketing, brand development, printing and product design. What is important to us is TIME! Efficiency and speed is what adds a competitive edge in today's market. No matter the size of the company, we strive hard and properly allocate enough time for our team to complete each project.


R & M Designers was created by two young professional women, who has worked in the Apple industry for over 10 years . Having worked in this industry, they have gained a high level of understanding in the Branding Industry.
In 2013 they launched their own range of iPhone cases (Called PureME Design), which was sold at numerous stores such as Apple Premium Resellers and Selfridges in London.
After successfully selling their custom design cases, they decided to open up their own Graphic Design agency, helping other businesses in creating their own brand.


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